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About The Illustrators Guide

These posts are intended to help aspiring illustrators learn about the business end of illustration. I hope you find some useful information here. If you do, please share it and help out your fellow artists.

Please never stop making videos, this channel is a gold mine. – Vitor

If you are studying illustration, or just venturing into the industry, then this blog is for you.

A lot of graduates complain that they don’t learn enough about the illustration business at University, I had that same problem. Trial and error isn’t efficient, so i’m offering what i know in the hope that it will help you out.

The business part is just as important as the creative part if you are serious about making a career out of illustrating. Take the time to learn the business skills you need, and become a successful illustrator faster.

If you have any particular topics that you think other illustrators would find useful, let me know! I’m always interested to hear what questions, or problems aspiring illustrators have. Maybe i can help, or maybe i know someone who can.

Be sure to check out Business of Illustration too for more useful articles and more specific guides for U.S. artists.

The Association of Illustrators offer some great resources and guidance too.

If you would like one of 50 free coaching sessions I have available in 2022, apply here: Coaching with The Illustrator’s Guide

This is really excellent! Looking forward to more of this content. This doesn’t just provide helpful information, it also gives a huge motivation boost. – Hannah

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Oh man I love your videos so much thank you for your hard work <3 <3 - Betty