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Hi, i’m James, I help illustrators grow their careers.

I’m an illustration agent representing some of the World’s most popular professional illustrators. I also make videos and write things for new illustrators. I can help you start your illustration career, find clients and build a career doing what you love.

Please never stop making videos, this channel is a gold mine.


If you’re studying illustration, or getting started in your career, I can help you

I’m James, an illustration agent @folioart, which means i work with busy freelance illustrators every day. We work together on all kinds of commercial illustration projects with the World’s biggest brands. I also help new illustrators develop their careers by coaching, mentoring, and sharing what I know about the illustration business through The Illustrator’s Guide YouTube channel and The Illustrator’s Guide book.

A lot of graduates complain that they don’t learn enough about the illustration business at University, I had that same problem. Trial and error isn’t efficient, so i’m offering what I know here so you can reach your goals faster.

The business side of the industry is just as important as the creative part if you are serious about making a career out of illustration. I can help you learn the business skills you need, and become a successful illustrator faster.

I’m always interested to hear what questions, or problems aspiring illustrators have. If you’ve got a question for me, i’d love to hear from you.

Oh man I love your videos so much thank you for your hard work <3 <3


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