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The Illustrator’s Guide is the ultimate handbook to launch your illustration career, and will be your companion all the way from enthusiastic beginner to confident professional.

Are you new to the illustration business?

Fresh out of college, changing career or in your early years as an illustrator?

The Illustrator’s Guide gives you the essentials to kick-start your professional freelance career – and make it outstanding.

Packed with expert, step-by-step guidance, top tips and exercises, this practical book shows you how to be an illustrator that stands out from the crowd:

  • Discover what you need to get started
  • Find your drive and create a winning mindset
  • Curate a portfolio that clients love
  • Form great habits for your creative practice
  • Get feedback that supports and improves your work
  • Find quality clients and get hired
  • Manage your money and business efficiently
  • Price work and handle negotiation
  • Deal with licensing, rights and contracts
  • Secure an agent and work as a team

The complete motivational toolkit, The lllustrator’s Guide won’t just help you create your illustration career.

It’ll help you make it exceptional.

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