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Oct 31st

The Illustrator’s Guide (book)

The Illustrator's Guide book is out now! Take a look below to see what it's all about. If you're beginning your freelance illustration career, this book is for you.

Apr 26th

Feedback makes your portfolio better

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Getting an outside perspective on your portfolio can vastly improve your work. By seeking out the opinion of someone in the industry, you can get a fresh pair of eyes on your work and they can often see what you can’t.

Dec 7th

Giving up on illustration…?

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This video is about persevering with your illustration career, even when your enthusiasm dips. It can take a long time to establish yourself as an illustrator and many people give up before they reach their goal.

Oct 21st

Copyright for illustrators

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This video is about copyright. It is for illustrators, but the information in here is useful for any creative practitioner. What is copyright? Why is copyright important for a creative freelancer? What should you do about copyright infringement?

Oct 12th

Illustrator’s portfolio review

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Here's my first video portfolio review of Australian illustrator 'The Chalkboard Guy'. Watch here to see how i analyse his website and portfolio.

Oct 6th


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What makes an illustrator? Being able to imitate someone else's work does not make you an illustrator.

Sep 27th

Should you accept the job?

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Are you ready for your first illustration project? Can you complete it in time? Do you have the skills you need? Before you accept a new illustration project, here are some things to think about

Sep 12th

What not to do at the start of your illustration career.

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The faster you can become a professional illustrator the better. I'm going to tell you what you need to be spending your time on to become a professional, faster. More importantly, I'll tell you what you shouldn't be spending your time on.

Aug 23rd

10 things I’ve learned from working with professional illustrators

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This video is a list of my favourite qualities in the best professional illustrators I know.

Aug 23rd

Illustration contracts #1

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My first video about illustrator's contracts. In this video, I'm covering what I think are the five most important things to look out for in a contract for an illustrator. It's not sexy, but it's important.

Aug 23rd

Your project checklist

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What do you need from your client to be able to do your best work? Make it your responsibility to tell your client what you need from them. Don't let missed information or a forgetful client get in the way of you making great illustrations.

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